Friday, May 8, 2015


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so I think its time for a tribute. I was blessed with the most amazing mother. She is a strong, hardworking, unstoppable woman with a heart of gold. I have learned so much from her. I got my giving heart from her. I learned to be kind. I learned how to be a mom. I love her more than words can express. But this tribute is not for my mom. Although she is more than deserving of a tribute, this is not for her. This Mother’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to three incredibly, amazing human beings – my children. I have watched them from the moment they took their first breath. I have watched them grow. I have watched them learn. I have watched them bloom.

I’ve watched a young girl break out of her shell and find the courage to take on the world. The little girl who would hold on to me until the very last second when I would drop her off at daycare, the girl who wanted me to stay with her the first night in her dorm and cried when I left her at college is now an independent young woman. She’s traveled to Central America (twice), she’s led other to help serve those less fortunate. She is building her future one courageous step at a time. My little introvert has become an adventurer. Someone who, although might still be afraid to take those first steps, is taking them. She is stepping out into this big wide world and forging her own path, finding the courage that she needs to become the person God intended for her to be.

I’ve watched a young man exceed in his athletic ability and become a star at one level only to watch him stumble and fall at the next. I’ve also watched him pick himself up, turn himself around and realize that he is more than just an athlete, that his athletic ability does not define him. The boy who knew nothing other than baseball growing up has discovered that he is intelligent and he has so many other abilities that were hiding in the wings, overshadowed by a youth baseball career. He is outgoing, personable and friendly. He has now become a college student on the honor roll. He is still working on figuring out where his story will take him, but he is facing the blank page in front of him, pen in hand, and ready to write the next chapter of his life.

I’ve watched a baby miss milestone after milestone. I’ve watched a toddler barely able to crawl, let alone walk. I’ve listened for the sweet baby babblings only to hear silence. I’ve watched a little body writhe and twitch, wracked by seizures. And I’ve watched a little warrior get up and bounce back after every set back, smiling, always smiling! The child who did not walk until she was almost five is now climbing stairs. The child who cannot speak is finding ways to communicate. She faces each day with pure joy and she brings joy and light to every person she meets. The cashiers at Walmart line up to say hi to her. Her friends run excitedly to her to when she walks in a room. She is loved by complete strangers who are drawn to her smile, her laughter. I have watched an angel who was sent to Earth to change lives. She has changed mine.

I have three wonderfully amazing and incredibly different children. Each one of them has brought something special and unique into my life. I’ve learned a lot from my children. Lauren has taught me about God and how a strong faith will get you through even the most difficult times. Vinny has taught me patience and perseverance and that it’s okay to not get it right the first time. Taylor has taught me how to love more than unconditionally and how to be a light that brings joy to others. I have learned so much from them. Through them I have become a mom.

Lauren, Vinny and Taylor, thank you for giving me the privilege and the blessing of being your mom. I am so proud of all of you and I love you all. You are the flowers in the vase of my life and I have loved watching you bloom.

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