Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Angel in Ink

They say that angels are all around us. I’ve always believed that to be true. They never quite look like angels, although I can’t really say that I know what an angel should look like. Based on my most recent sighting, angels have tattoos.

I received a text last Wednesday from April H., the director at Taylor’s daycare (I’m using initials as you will soon see that there are two April’s in this story). We had just taken Taylor for an MRI. She required sedation so it was a stressful and draining morning. As I was leaving after the procedure, I saw the text, “Left you a message. Call me when you get a chance”. Normally when I get calls or texts from daycare, panic mode sets in. But Taylor was with us, it couldn’t have been an emergency. Relieved, I gave April a call and she proceeded to tell me that a woman from a local salon wanted to do a fundraiser at the daycare. They would give haircuts for a donation and would give all the money raised to the school. A win-win; daycare receives money to donate to a charity and the salon gets some free advertising! Of course, April immediately thought of Taylor and our involvement with Livy’s Hope. We scheduled the event for the next week, put up some flyers; all proceeds would be donated to the Livy’s Hope fund at the Epilepsy Foundation.

April H. gave me all of the information to contact the woman, April M. She is the assistant manager at the Hair Cuttery, a local salon. Ironically, it is the place my husband, Taylor and I have been getting our hair cut for years. I decided to stop by with Taylor on Saturday to meet April M. We had only communicated by email and I wanted to meet her in person and find out a little more about what she had planned.
Taylor and April - fast friends
I’m not sure what I had expected April M to look like, but I will admit I was a bit surprised when she came out to meet us. She is very young, perhaps late 20’s and has numerous tattoos covering her body. If I had any preconceived notions about what someone fitting that description should be like, they were immediately set aside. April M. was the most beautiful and loving soul. I know that because Taylor immediately gravitated to her.


My husband and I always say that Taylor senses good people. I think because her brain works differently than others’, she uses her heart to sense genuineness. And she knew that April M. was a friend.

We sat and chatted with April for about 30 minutes, talking about the fundraiser, but mostly talking about Taylor. April was enamored with Taylor. She commented several times how happy Taylor made her feel, how she just loved Taylor’s smile. Taylor has that effect on people.

April asked about Taylor’s seizures and if we were able to tell when they would happen. She asked so many questions, sometimes I sensed that April was a bit unsure, not knowing the right terminology to use. I appreciated April’s candor and genuine interest in knowing about Taylor.
We left the salon, and I was sure that we had met an angel.

Then came the day of the fundraiser. I was working and could not attend, but Jeff was off with Taylor and was able to take her. Jeff met April and also her 8 year old daughter. She was kind and genuine, just like her mom.

Taylor and April at the fundraiser
The event raised over $400 for the Epilepsy Foundation, a testament to the wonderful staff and family at Taylor’s daycare. I am so incredibly grateful to both Aprils in the story and I am so blessed to have met April M and gotten to know her. I know that Taylor and I have made a new friend.

Remember, when you see a person who looks different, maybe covered in tattoos or piercings, don’t misjudge them. At the very least, they are just like you or me. But quite possibly, they could be an angel.